Take photos with your hands!

Snap photos without holding your phone in this impressive gesture-controlled app. View full description


  • Innovative technology
  • Easy to use
  • Great for selfies or group shots
  • Great for parties


  • Some small technical glitches


Snap photos without holding your phone in this impressive gesture-controlled app.


CamMe is one of the cleanest camera apps on the market and it won an award at the 2014 Mobile World Congress. It works by recognizing two simple hand gestures (an open palm and a closed fist) to control when your photo is taken. Compared to other gesture recognition apps, CamMe is incredibly smooth and almost always recognizes your hands. It also can detect your hand from an impressive distance if you'd like to get a big group shot. CamMe allows you to use either the front or rear camera.

Aside from the standard "selfie" shot, there are two more options for shooting photos. The first is Photobooth which takes a few photos in a manner similar to the carnival attractions for which it's named after.

The second is Funshots which imposes your face into a funny picture. After the photo is taken, you can adjust the size of the photo to fit the picture. The free version of CamMe gives you just a couple of Funshots models with more being available for purchase. Unfortunately, the Lion Funshot sometimes freezes the app and needs to be restarted. This is only a minor annoyance and likely to be taken care of in future updates.

Put your hands in the air

Using CamMe is incredibly intuitive: simply put your hand up to activate the camera and close your fist to begin the countdown. Sounds are also incorporated into the process: a beep lets you know that it's recognized your hand and an audible countdown begins when you close your fist.

Impressively, CamMe is comfortable recognizing both your right and left hand. 

Give it a shot!

CamMe is exceptionally impressive and likely to be a game-changer in the camera app market with its gesture technology. Whether you're addicted to selfies or just want to take some photos with friends, this excellent app is worth a download.



CamMe 2.15